2 Apr. 2008

Bush's Torture Policy Inspired By FOX TV

I kid you not:
The first year of Fox TV’s dramatic series 24 came to a conclusion in spring 2002, and the second year of the series began that fall. An inescapable message of the program is that torture works. “We saw it on cable,” Beaver recalled. “People had already seen the first series. It was hugely popular.” Jack Bauer had many friends at Guantánamo, Beaver added. “He gave people lots of ideas.”
That's from a fluff piece in Vanity Fair which includes this quote from Douglas Feith, when asked if the Geneva decision might have diminished America’s moral authority:
“The problem with moral authority,” he said, was “people who should know better, like yourself, siding with the assholes, to put it crudely.”
Next question:
When will Congress insist upon hearings at which Geoffrey Miller, Jim Haynes, Donald Rumsfeld, and other DOD officials, explain why they kept the Yoo memo and the Working Group Report secret -- undisclosed even to the Working Group itself -- and why they briefed Miller on Yoo's multiple theories of legal absolution on his way out to Iraq?
Let's hear what Obama and Hillary have to say, for starters. Anyone wanna talk about impeachment yet? No?