24 Jun. 2007

The War On Aborigines

It's not political, OK? Howard is just blaming the NT Labor government for a decade of neglect, and then refusing to meet with other State governments.
[A] spokesman for Mr Howard says the public has had enough of meetings and now is the time to act on Indigenous child abuse.
Just as 9/11 "changed everything", so has this new report:
Mr Howard says the Federal Government is taking over because no territory based approaches have worked.

"The reality is that the old approach hasn't worked, that's why we're acting," he said.

"Everything that was done in the past was within the old paradigm and the old approach, now I don't want to criticise people about the failures of the past - that's not the purpose of this exercise - it is to do something about the problem now and into the future.

"For this government to stand by and let that go on without intervening would be a terrible dereliction of duty."
Sure, let's not talk about the failures of the past. What good would that do? People might even start talking about who's been in charge of this country for the past eleven years, and how his attention has been on the world stage rather than his own backyard.