25 Jun. 2007

War On Aborigines: The Troops Will Be Home For Christmas!

Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that all states except WA are sending police to the N.T.
"I think Alan Carpenter has been bloody-minded towards his neighbour," Mr Brough said...

WA is the wealthiest state and the federal government is not asking him to pay "one red cent", but only contribute 10 officers who will be returned in six months, Mr Brough said...

"WA is on its own in denying these kids a better future and it appals me to think he would be playing politics with this issue."
Gosh, here we are less than six months from a federal election, and Howard has already decided that he will be declaring Mission Accomplished as soon as the election's over. What a bloody farce.