20 Jun. 2007

The Truth Will Out

Even if it takes five centuries:
The records maintain that a few hundred conquistadors, led by Francisco Pizarro, used their superior weaponry and horses to repel an attack by tens of thousands of Inca, led by Manco Yupanqui. After breaking the siege, the Spaniards tracked down and killed many of the Inca who had attacked them.

But the archaeological evidence casts the conquistadors in a less heroic light, making it clear that the Spaniards were accompanied by a large group of Indians who were fighting the Inca to escape subjugation.

And while as many as three of the Inca warriors were shot and others had injuries made by the Spaniards' metallic weapons, most of the 72 victims were bludgeoned with more primitive stone weapons wielded by other Indians.
One day we will find out what all those private contractors in Iraq have been doing.