2 Jun. 2007

It's The Fear, Stupid

Why Howard thinks global warming will be a winning issue for him:
"Significantly reducing emissions will mean higher costs for businesses and households," the prime minister said.

"There is no escaping that and anyone who pretends to you otherwise is not a serious participant in this hugely important public policy debate.

"If we get this wrong it will do enormous damage to the economy, to jobs and to the economic wellbeing of ordinary Australians, especially low income households."
And we all know that there is only one party you can trust to properly manage the economy in a time of crisis, right?

Never mind that the crisis was aided and abetted by that same party's willful neglect. In fact, worse than that: Howard's Liberals have deliberately suppressed facts and distorted the truth for the sake of their Big Business buddies, their friends in Washington, and their billion dollar deals with Beijing.

The environmental crisis we had to have? I think not.