11 Jun. 2007

Does "Good News From Queensland" Signal An Election Date?

Remember Arthur Chrenkoff's ridiculously contrived "Good News From Iraq" propaganda? Howard is now getting good news from his loyal friend David Briggs, home delivered by News Ltd of course:
The Galaxy poll, published in The Courier-Mail, reveals Labor and the coalition are close on primary votes in the sunshine state.

Labor has a 45 per cent share of the primary vote and the coalition 44 per cent, the poll reveals.

On a two-party-preferred basis, Labor leads the coalition 52 to 48 after preferences, the newspaper reports.
Are these figures credible? Maybe, maybe not. But it's worth noting the source and, perhaps just as importantly, the timing.

A few "good news" stories like this are just what Howard wants prior to announcing an election date. I think he might set a date this week. If so, watch how the media obediently pick up on the story: Howard the underdog getting a "surge" in popularity just as the "real" election begins. Game on!

UPDATE: From the comments at OzPolitics:
“I think the results of this poll are almost worthless as I have heard from one of the people polled who said that the Negative Questions on ‘your fears on Labor etc’ were asked first before asking who would you vote for. ie this was classical Push Polling. So we still dont know what the real situation is.”
PS: Let's not forget that Chrenkoff was a Liberal Party employee, working for Senator Brett Mason. In Queensland, no less!