24 Jun. 2007

Lawsy: One More Election, Then I'm Done

Looks like Mr Golden Tonsils doesn't know the election date either:
"I'm staying here until November I think, I don't know. I mightn't stay that long. It certainly won't be any longer than November."


A spokesman for the Prime Minister, John Howard, confirmed that Mr Howard would be making a live call to Laws this morning to congratulate him on his 50 years of radio work.
Before we say a tearful goodbye, let's pause to remember how Laws was found guilty of "cash for comments" when promoting companies including Optus (now Howard's #1 choice for wireless bush broadband) and Foxtel (who gave Laws his own TV show, which was launched by John Howard). Might be a good time to review that Enough Rope episode...

UPDATE: Irony:
The retirement of veteran radio identity John Laws has been greeted by the financial markets, with shares in his employer, Southern Cross Broadcasting Ltd (SBC), climbing quickly.

By 1049 AEST, SBC shares were up by nine cents to $15.80...