28 Jun. 2007

Job Vacancy: Massive Salary, Fascists Welcome

The head of the IMF is resigning to spend time with his family. Why have the global media never pointed out that this man is an avowed Fascist?
Mr. Rodrigo Rato, Mr. Aznar's Minister of Economy, [was] responsible for the dismantling of the Spanish welfare state.

Mr. Rato is of the ultra-right . While in Aznar's cabinet, he supported such policies as making religion a compulsory subject in secondary schools, requiring more hours of schooling in religion than in mathematics, undoing the progressivity in the internal revenue code, funding the Foundation dedicated to the promotion of francoism (i.e., Spanish fascism), never condemning the fascist dictatorship, and so on.
Tony Blair's Minister of Economy, Gordon Brown, was Rato's main advocate for the IMF position. Let's see who they come up with as a replacement.