11 Jun. 2007

News Bites

- Bush's GOP-dominated US Congress voted 53-38 not to even discuss whether or not they have confidence in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It's evident that they don't, but that's not what the game in Washington is all about these days. Bush already said it wouldn't matter what they vote, he is sticking by his old chum. So there. Across the USA, thousands of progressive Democrats just got their eyes widened a little bit more, which is good.

- According to top US intelligence sources, Pakistan's President Musharraf, a military dictator who somehow became the lynchpin in Bush's "war on ahem" has only months to go:
It may be time for the U.S. to face what it's long feared in the nuclear state: the prospect of chaos, rising Islamism or anti-Americanism that follows Musharraf.
Gosh, an Islamic fanatic state with nuclear weapons. Nobody could have seen that one coming. Watch for a new election date and some heavy US influence in favour of a particularly "populist" candidate, probably with a green colour scheme, who will win office despite widespread allegations of vote-rigging. IF they can pull it off (and it is a very, very big IF).

- Finally, please spare a thought for my friend Winter Patriot, a man who has suffered more than most under the Bush regime years. If only he could stop caring about truth and justice, and just get on board the gravy train, all his problems would be solved! Alas, it is not in his nature...