28 Jun. 2007

I Hate Howard!

This is why I am changing the name of this blog (again):
Mr Howard said hate is a strong word and should not be used flippantly.

"That word is not used sparingly enough and I suppose the alliteration appeals to some people - hate and Howard - but I think it's rather juvenile," he told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

"The people who use that language have got the problem, not the object of that language."

I hate the arrogance of this little man, who has overseen the deaths of more than half a million people in Iraq, forcing 4.5 million more to flee their homes, but still cannot even admit he lied.

I hate the cynical opportunism of this racist, who has withdrawn funding from Aboriginal programs and watched their communities plunge further into poverty, alcoholism and despair, yet still cannot even say "Sorry".

I hate the smug satisfaction of this greedy Fascist tool, who has abolished Australia's unfair dismissal laws and other fundamental workers rights, but still seeks to vilify his political opponents a danger to our country's economic well-being.

I hate the blind, willful ignorance of this corporate business stooge, who pretended for so long that global warming does not exist, even blocking scientific evidence to the contrary, until now we are all faced with a planetary emergency.

I hate Howard.

No, it is not too strong a word. Say it with me:
"I hate John Howard!"

That's my election slogan right there.