21 Feb. 2008

Wanker Of The Day

Dennis Sham-I-am reverts to form, rushing out a Friday afternoon article about the shameful proceedings in parliament today. Only a true Murdoch hack like Dennis could pretend this gross misbehavior amounts to "a serious point of procedure":
Under the special sittings of the parliament for Friday without a question time or need for a quorum the votes and divisions were to be deferred till the next sitting in two weeks’ time.

But it appears the Government changes to procedure had a loophole, leaving the position of the Speaker stranded and powerless as the parliament became unworkable.

There appears to have been some ill-considered preparation on the Government side for how they were actually going to operate a Play Parliament without a Prime Minister and question time and face an Opposition determined to go to any lengths.
Surely that last point says it all? The Libs made fools of themselves on Sorry Day, but at least half of them were vacillating. In this case, the whole mob is down there in the mud. Even other Murdoch staff could see that this "circus" was a waste of taxpayers' money.

UPDATE: A new Morgan poll shows Nelson still stuck on 9%. And you wonder why...