18 Feb. 2008

Wanker Of The Day

After a decade of gross rightwing distortion, Australia's media elites are suddenly calling for "pluralism" and "bipartisanship". Today it's Gerard Henderson's turn to choke on his own hypocrisy:
In fact, the culture wars were very much an invention of the left intelligentsia which was concerned that, finally in Australia, its hegemony was being challenged.
Hendo is basically pleading to keep his job, just as Janet Albrechtsen and others have done:
Jon Faine ... advocated "a cleansing process" for those columnists who he maintains are "out of step with the result of the election".

When Faine was asked whether he really believed that newspapers need to be in step with the Government, he replied: "Oh no. Not with the Government, with the electorate." Since the electorate decides government, this is a disingenuous response.
No it isn't. The public was against the Iraq War, for example, but the Howard government was all for it. The rightwing-dominated media took the government's side, not the people's.

The government has changed, and as today's polls show, the electorate has changed too. It's time our nation's morally bankrupt editorial teams were changed as well.