6 Feb. 2008

The Vile Splutterings Of An Angry Old Man

Sounds like David Barnett is angling for a job with the Murdoch press. Get a load of this crap:
For what it's worth, Keelty should not resign. He should hang in there. Whatever the new arrangements to emerge from the current manoeuvring, Australia will be a less safe place...

In a brief time, we have ratted on the Americans in Iraq. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said the alliance was strong. United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice didn't say a word.

We are ratting on Israel. We are going to be more "balanced". Since we already were balanced, that can only mean less balanced, in favour of the Palestinians.
Barnett suggests that Mitsubishi decided to pull out of South Australia because Rudd offended the Japanese with his anti-whaling stance. Then he defends the crimes of the Stolen Generation:
The facts are that children were removed from neglect and abuse and given to the care of missions to give them a chance in life, and indeed to save their lives. By and large, it worked.
And of course we know what's coming next...
Aborigines will ask for millions. They'd be mad not to.

Every case for compensation mounted so far has failed. Once we acknowledge guilt, it will be open slather.
Yeah, let's all worry about money all the time, eh? Just wait till the Iraqis start asking for compensation, mate.