14 Feb. 2008

Shocking! New Diana Revelations

It's over ten years since Princess Diana was murdered for loudly opposing the global arms industry. Now the ex-police chief who led a three-year British investigation into her death has admitted that a note from her lawyer, detailing her fears of a conspiracy to kill her in a car crash, was handed to police but never presented as evidence.
Stevens denied trying to conceal the note.

"You are making the allegation that this was never going to be made available to the coroner. That is wrong," he said.
Yeah, I was gonna do it. One day. Really I was. Here's what the note said, in part:
“This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous.” She said [name deleted] “is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”
A renegade UK Spy (now living in France) also claims that the "blinding white light" seen in the tunnel just before Diana's car crashed was probably a strobe gun. He says MI6 had planned "accidents" exactly like this one:
He remembered an MI6 training session in which he was shown a portable strobe light intended temporarily to blind targets in vehicles.

Mr Tomlinson said he had also seen an MI6 document in 1992 detailing a plan to murder the Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic by flashing a strobe light at his chauffeur as he entered a tunnel in Geneva...

The circulation list for the plan included the private secretary to the head of MI6.
The ex-spy also says that Henri Paul, Diana's driver that night, was an MI6 informant. But according to Wikipedia, this ex-spy's story has already been checked out:
The Operation Paget Inquiry was given unprecedented access to the offices of both MI5 and MI6 to investigate Tomlinson's claims. They found the original memo he referred to from 1992 and it was found to be a proposal to assassinate another Serbian figure if he gained power, not Slobodan Milošević. Furthermore, the plan had none of the detail about a car crash in a tunnel. The inquiry consulted the Crown Prosecution Service to see if a prosecution for conspiracy to murder was appropriate for the report's author as it is against British Government policy to carry out assassinations. A prosecution was not pursued but the author was subjected to a disciplinary procedure by MI6. The memo was shown to Tomlinson and he confirmed it was the one he was referring to in his claims.
That's how it always goes with these spy stories, isn't it? Claims and counter-claims...
Further evidence that discredited Tomlinson's claims was found in drafts of a book he was writing about his time in MI6 before he was jailed in 1998 for breaching the Official Secrets Act. The first draft of the book, dating from 1996, referred to the 1992 memo proposing assassination and contained none of the detail about a staged car crash in a tunnel... The inquiry concluded by dismissing Tomlinson's claims as an embellishment. It went on to comment that this embellishment is largely responsible for giving rise to the theories Diana was murdered.
Just an accident, then? I don't think so. It's all been far too fishy all the way.

So let's put two and two together here, use some common sense, and conclude that someone or some people in either MI6 and/or the British government wanted Diana dead. So the question is: Why?

There is only one reason, isn't there? Well, two if you include the possibility that Prince Charles, his mum or the Duke might have wanted to snuff the bitch out.

So whodunnit? Either people with close ties to MI6 and the global arms industry, or (far less likely IMHO) people with close ties to the Royal Family.

Draw up a list of suspects.

UPDATE: The former police investigator comes out swinging against the latest allegations.