25 Feb. 2008

More Obamamomentum!

On January 7th I predicted Obama would be next US President and it looks like I'll be proven right. Check out the latest CBS News/NYT national poll via TPM:
Jan 13: Clinton 42%, Obama 27%
Feb 3: Clinton 41%, Obama 41%
Feb 25: Obama 54%, Clinton 38%
We're now witnessing the death throes of the Clinton campaign. And it's not pretty.

I mean, you know Hillary is getting desperate when she starts saying Obama lacks experience in foreign policy:
"He wavers from seeming to believe that mediation and meetings without preconditions can solve the world's intractable problems, to advocating rash, unilateral military action without cooperation from our allies in the most sensitive region of the world," Clinton said.
Yeah, we can't have that kind of nuance, can we? We need something much simpler... How about: "with us or agin' us?" Or Clinton-style attacks on Somalia? Seriously, who in the world would not be very happy to see US Foreign Policy in totally new hands, come what may? The world is overdue for a big realignment (I'm hoping to write more on that soon) and just waiting to see where the post-Bush USA is going to fit in.