24 Feb. 2008

A Tale Of Two Property Scandals

While the shenanigans in Wollongong City Council have even Janet Albrechtsen frothing at the mouth, the rampant corruption in the Gold Coast City Council continues unabated. The Liberals are spending more than $1 million to push their candidate, Surfers Paradise businessman Tom Tate:
An inquiry by Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission found the 2004 Gold Coast council elections were corrupted by a secret fund, which had developers bankrolling the campaigns of so-called "common sense" candidates.

The CMC report said Mr Tate attended the first meeting of business people called to discuss the fund. The meeting was held at Mr Tate's Island Resort, but he had no further involvement with the fund.
So is Mr Tate the Messiah who is going to lead the Libs out of the electoral wilderness, or just a very naughty boy?