4 Feb. 2008

Wanker Of The Day

Gerard Henderson comes out to bat for his ideological soul brother, AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty. Is it just me, or does this make no real sense at all:
Clearly the Attorney-General is correct in referring to a perception within the legal community that the Howard government's stance on counter-terrorism was motivated by political considerations. Yet there is little evidence to support this view. For example, had Howard and other members of his cabinet's national security committee been intent on running a scare campaign in the lead-up to the November election they could have leaked details about the prosecution's case in the Operation Pendennis matter. The Coalition did not do so.
Got that? The fact that Howard did not deliberately (and illegally) undermine a major anti-terrorist sting PROVES that he never, ever engaged in fear-mongering, and furthermore it PROVES that the whole anti-terrorist agenda has been totally vindicated, even if we are all still waiting to see one single case where it has proved effective.