17 Feb. 2008


Can you please put a stop to this nonsense right now, Kevin Rudd:
National head of the RSL Major General Bill Crews will oversee the jury which will select four finalists.

Each finalist will be given $15,000 to develop a scale model of their entry, while the eventual winner will receive a prize of $15,000.

Mr Badelow says they have funding for the design competition but still have to raise money to build the monuments.

"We've received a grant from the Government for $200,000 to launch this particular design competition," he said.

"From there we hope to raise the required funds for the winning model, you've got to bear in mind at this point in time we don't know what the winning design is.

"Indicatively, and I stress that, indicatively we believe the cost will be around somewhere in the order of $10 million to $12 million."
One can only imagine that this funding was granted by the previous government, who have already spent an inordinate amount of public funds glorifying every kind of war. Enough is enough!

What about a monument to PEACE????

I would suggest that Michael Leunig already has many cartoons worth immortalising in sculpture. Over to you, Kev.