6 Mar. 2007

You Can Smell Howard's Fear

From Crikey today:
The Prime Minister is a cynical and desperate man. How fearful he has shown himself to be of a Labor win! Consider his dread: he feels the ignominy of going down in the annals of history as just another hubristic politician who did not choose the right time to go and who never realised he had lost his touch.
Spot on. Howard has fancied himself as a High Roller for so long, he has been playing with the Big Boys for so long, he has been surrounded by his Conga Line of Suckholes for so long, that now he thinks he shouldn't have to get down in the trenches and kiss public ass to get what he considers his rightful power fix. We should be kissing his ass, damn it! We should be grateful - grateful! - for his magic, parochial touch. And this Kevin Rudd whippersnapper has the gall - the gall! - to take a holier-than-thou approach! No, damn it, that's not how this story ends....

Is it?