20 Mar. 2007

Rupert Pressures PM To Go?

His flagship paper has another embarrassing new poll:
The poll in The Australian newspaper has found that 68 per cent of voters believe Prime Minister John Howard is arrogant, compared with 29 per cent for Kevin Rudd.

The poll also reveals voters believe Mr Rudd is more in touch with voters than the Prime Minister.
Once upon a time such polls could have been slipped under the carpet. Murdoch told reporters last year that he thought it was time for Howard to resign gracefully. Wonder if Johnny has got the message yet? Wonder which pony Rupert's money is on? That Turnbull fellow is awful charming, isn't he?

UPDATE: Howard finds the poll "surprising". I bet he does!
"I've got to say this, I don't have anything to be arrogant about - not at the moment, politically, nothing at all...

"I can tell you, I don't feel very arrogant, I don't behave in an arrogant manner."
Well that's exactly what an arrogant person would say, isn't it?