28 Mar. 2007

Aussies, This Is Your Life

SMH has details of a new report:
A fat, satisfied workaholic who enjoys spending and technology, and who wouldn't trust oil companies as far as they could throw 'em. That's the latest snapshot of the average Australian...

According to the Eye on Australia report, married people are more satisfied with their lives than single people, while the pre-baby boomers (those aged over 62) are the happiest age bracket.

But four out of five Australians say life is getting more stressful, with worries about increasing debt, saving money for the future, environmental problems and racism...

Eighty-four per cent think the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider, possibly explaining why federal politicians are placed third-last in a list of trustworthy groups.

Petrol and oil companies are considered the least trustworthy group, followed closely by telemarketers, state pollies, and real estate agents, while major charities have been named the country's most reliable.
I wonder who decided to put the questions about oil companies in the survey, and why.

UPDATE: This post has been linked at Club Troppo, so just to show the kinda guy I am, I have tracked down the report, which is from Sweeney Research and Grey Worldwide:
Over the past 13 years, Sweeney Research has conducted an annual study with Grey Worldwide that has seen us speak with more than 7000 Australians about advertising, shopping, finances, time, relationships, technology and many, many other things.

The insights and observations that emerge each year are invariably enthusiastically embraced by corporate Australia and major public sector organisations.
Sweeney Research was established in Melbourne in 1972 by Brian Sweeney (per BRW magazine, "Australia's Best Market Researcher"). Grey Worldwide's big honcho is Paul Gardner, "who has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro". But such market research is generally funded by others, isn't it?