19 Mar. 2007

Meanwhile In Ozblogistan

Seemingly in response to pressure from right-wing fruitcakes like Andrew Bolt, Tim Dunlop has dumped contributor Daryl Mason from his Surfdom blog.

Mason wryly suggested that many Australians were disappointed that Howard had not been killed or wounded during his theatrical adventures in an RAAF plane this weekend. He also suggested that Rupert Murdoch might be ready to dump Howard and look for a new pony.

Daryl’s last Surfdom post is replicated here at The Orstrahyun for anyone interested.

Personally I do not see anything offensive in it, and I am disappointed (again) in Tim’s obsessively “safe” response to passionate commentary. Guess that’s how he landed a job at News Ltd.

I don't think Tim is doing a very good job of managing both his Blogocracy paid-commentary gig and his old Road To Surfdom blog. RTS has always had a lot of potential and I have spent a lot of time and energy engaging with the locals there, but no more. I have removed my links and I will not be returning.

Congratulations, Tim, your wimpish nonsense has handed Andrew Bolt just the sort of wedge politics victory his sort crave.

BTW: This blog is now going to become a group blog if anyone is interested in contributing. I recognize that (as an unpaid blogger) I do not have the time or resources to give it the attention it deserves. If anyone is interested in contributing stories, leave a comment or drop me (gandhi) a line at bmail.com.au.