28 Mar. 2007

Plea Bargain: Terry Hicks Explains

"He knows that, in particular, the way the courts system worked against him and against his lawyers that he's not going to be found not guilty, they are going to nail him to the wall," Mr Hicks told reporters at Adelaide airport.

"So what David has done, in his best interests ... is to plead guilty.

"After the conversations we had with David you could see all he wants to do is get home.

"If any of you put yourself in David's situation ... most of you would be pleading guilty to something just to get out of the place.

"You would not want to stay in that place any longer than David has, otherwise you will never ever get out." ...

Compared with Guantanamo, "Yatala will be a five star hotel", Mr Hicks said.
Still, it's annoying how all the media talk excitedly about Hicks coming "home". I doubt he would really want to call call Yatala Prison home.