5 Mar. 2007

Aussies embracing nuclear power? Really?

According to the Murdoch press, John Howard's repeated advocacy of nuclear power as a solution to global warming is working and Aussies are increasingly embracing nuclear power:
A Newspoll published in The Australian newspaper reveals support for nuclear power has surged 10 percentage points to 45 per cent in four months, outstripping opposition, which has plummeted 10 points to 40 per cent.

But a vast majority - 66 per cent - are against having a nuclear power station in their local area.
You have to wonder what the other 34% are thinking, or if they would not change their minds very quickly indeed if and when a nuclear reactor was ever installed across the road.

I am very dubious about this poll. And I don't think it is a vote-winner for Howard, however much it might give him a much-needed short-term poll boost. The longer Australians debate nuclear energy, the worse it will sound. Those advocating cleaner, greener solutions are going to come out on top. Especially if Howard's own links to the nuclear industry are fully exposed.