15 Feb. 2007

The Road To Glory Is Paved With Taxpayer $$$s and Empty Promises

Here comes the flood:
Transport Minister Mark Vaile has said that at least $15 billion may be needed, but the Prime Minister is reportedly considering spending up to $19 billion.
That's your money and mine, right there.

Hey, don't be so damn cynical:
Liberal backbencher Cameron Thompson's Queensland electorate is set to benefit, but he says the funding is not about buying votes in marginal seats ahead of this year's election.

He says most of the projects have been in the planning process for five years.

"More than an election ago, more than a term of government ago, a term and a half ago," he said.
So we are supposed to buy the same promises that were promised to us before the last election but still have not been delivered? Now who is the one being cynical?