8 Feb. 2007

Howard's Timetable For Hicks

In all the excitement about Howard's sudden interest in David Hicks, let's all be very clear one one thing. Howard's concern is totally dependent on his own election timetable, and driven by purely selfish political ambition.
"I want the charging process to be completed and I want the trial to happen strictly in accordance with first a 30-day period for the preliminary hearing and then 120 days after that."
In other words, Howard wants the whole thing completely out of the way before the election gets down to the final stages. His new-found concern for this Australian citizen, and for the due process of law, is totally bogus. There could be a dozen new Aussie detainees in Gitmo the day after the election and Howard won't give a shit. Not till the following election, anyway. And God help us all if the Rodent still rules by then.