25 Feb. 2007

Libs 2007 Campaign Slogan

Zimbabwe's unpopular dictator turned 83 this week:
Mr Mugabe waved a fist to loud cheers from supporters brandishing miniature flags as he walked into the stadium accompanied by his family.

Loyalists clad in multicoloured clothes with Mr Mugabe's portrait danced and cheered as the president took his place among ministers and senior government officials.

He listened to speeches of good wishes and and poems heaping praise on Mugabe as "our liberator" and "able leader." Supporters waved banners reading "ZANU-PF Youth League Says Mugabe for 2010," and "Mugabe is Right."
I saw those "Mugabe Is Right" banners on TV and I thought to myself, "This is the perfect election slogan for the Liberals!"

Can you picture it? A whole nation awash with "HOWARD IS RIGHT!" banners and TV adverts. Right about what? Who cares! He is right about everything! Don't question the man! He works in mysterious ways, you know.

It would certainly simplify TV interviews, wouldn't it?
O'BRIEN: But Mr Downer, how you can you reconcile what you've just said with International Law, or indeed the laws of this country? Surely this is just sheer nonsense?

DOWNER: No, Kerry it's not. Because Mr Howard said so and he is always right.