21 Feb. 2007

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Cheney Says Pelosi Strategy Would Validate Al Qaeda

Here's the centrepiece of Dick Cheney's logic:
The al Qaeda strategy is to break the will of the American people. In fact, knowing they can't win in a stand-up fight, try to persuade us to throw in the towel and come home, and then they win because we quit.
Al Quaeda never invited the USA into Iraq. In fact, Al Quaeda never had anything to with Iraq until the USA invasion provided an opportunity for the to spread their fanatical militancy there. Iraq was never part of the Al Quaeda "strategy" until the USA's illegal oil-grabbing invasion made it so. Indeed, the Iraq War was a major distraction from the pursuit of Al Quaeda and a new survey proves that it has only increased terrorism around the world and boosted the popularity of Al Quaeda.

Besides, Al Quaeda represents only the tiniest fraction of anti-US forces in Iraq. What Cheney is describing is actually the broader Iraqi resistance "strategy". If Al Quaeda have a "strategy" that is different to that, it hardly matters.

Someone called "Henrietta" at The Sydney Morning Herald News Blog asks:
If you bang your head on a wall do you desist and move on, or, do you keep banging your head as blood trickles from your ears?
The thing is, Henrietta, that it is not Cheney's blood that is being spilt. It is not Howard's blood. It is Iraqi blood, or the blood of nameless, young, uneducated US cannon fodder, and it means nothing to them.