22 Feb. 2007

Cheney flies in to a war of words - National - smh.com.au

Brendan Neslon repeats his nonsense about "moral musculature":
"Where is our moral musculature in 2007? In 1942 no Australian needed convincing Australia had a problem in terms of the threat to our own security."
I tooked the bait and looked up the word, which - surprisingly - does exist. Is Nelson deliberately trying to raise his media profile? Or is he trying to put his own branding on a new meme so that, when and if it ever makes it into a Bush speech (who would have thought "Islamofascists" would ever make it?), he can claim the credit?

And perhaps people like Nelson should be explaining this little fact:
The Chief of Army, Lieutenant-General Peter Leahy, told the Herald recently that the Australian battle group in southern Iraq was yet to come to the aid of the Iraqi forces it had been backing up for almost 12 months.
So we are there to support the Iraqis, even if we are not actually supporting the Iraqis (presumably because it is too dangerous). So why are we there again?