29 Apr. 2007

Will Aussie Businessmen Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Is?

Wouldn't it be interesting if Australian-based Big Business started actively campaigning against Labor, instead of doing it through their media and other industry surrogates?
A leading business group says employers are considering an advertising campaign to fight Labor's industrial relations policy.
Bring it on, dudes! Right-wingers decry the Union movement's support of Labour, but at least the unions are honest and open about it.

Big Business in Australian has long funded the Liberal coalition through lobbyists and other backroom deals, and most people are completely in the dark about how major decisions in our so-called "democracy" are really made.

Rupert Murdoch has set an example. Who else will follow?

I suspect the dawning reality of a Labour landslide at the next election will encourage most to keep their mouths shut, and their money in their pocket.