30 Apr. 2007

Tiger Woods versus Michael Jordan

Obviously this is nothing whatsoever to do with politics but every now and then you gotta stop and smell the roses, right? Especially when the turkeys are getting you down.
World number one Woods and fellow American Jordan, good friends for several years, have been paired in the same threesome for Wednesday's pro-am at Quail Hollow Club...

Dan Fleishman, director of sponsorships and alliances for Wachovia, added: "Michael and Tiger are good friends and have played a lot of personal golf together. We are grateful they agreed to compete in the pro-am together this year."

Jordan has made a habit of watching Woods compete in golf's biggest events, such as the four majors and the biennial Ryder Cup team competition.

He has also acted as a mentor to Woods since the golfer turned professional in late 1996, advising him on how to handle all the pressures of being a high-profile celebrity.

Woods, out of PGA Tour action since tying for second at the Masters three weeks ago, heads a strong field at Quail Hollow that includes 28 players in the world's top 30.
OTOH it occurs to me that the only way I will probably be able to watch this is on Rupert Murdoch's FOX Sports! D'oh!

But seriously, I am fascinated to think what Michael Jordan might say to Tiger Woods about psychology. When Jordan shot for the ring, he never even began to think about missing - it was always going in, every time, whatever the odds. And he kept banging the shots in, year after year, game after game, relentlessly.

Woods, OTOH, raced to prominence at an early age then seemed to stall, as if he felt forced to doubt his own ability. His seems to be regaining the edge, and the hunger.

Consider this: every time they play together, Jordan is watching Tiger whip his ass. And he's thinking quietly to himself: "One day I'm a-gonna get you, muthafucka."

Nothing whatsoever to do with Rudd and Howard, of course.