28 Apr. 2007

Aussie Soldiers Are Wimps And Sissy-Girls

Well, they must be, right? I mean, why else would they be topping themselves?
The federal government acknowledges two soldiers killed themselves after returning from the Middle East, but veterans activists say there have been as many as five, The Sun-Herald reports.

Fearing there will be more soldier suicides, families, war veterans and MPs are demanding an independent inquiry after the suicides believed to have been caused by post-traumatic stress.

To date 121 soldiers returned from the Middle East have been discharged for mental illness, the newspaper reports.

About two dozen of them have serious psychological problems.
And 'ere I was thinkin' them Diggers was well 'ard.

It's pretty obvious by now that the long-term Bush-Howard strategy in Iraq is to keep killing civilians until everyone but a small handful of insurgents is terrified into submission. And then to hunt down that small handful of "tail-enders" and destroy them, killing as many more civilians as necessary in the process.

You end up with a police state not unlike Saddam's, of course, but at least we will have guaranteed stability in the region(*). Oh, yes: and we will control the oil, of course.

Any Aussie soldiers who cannot support such a strategy should not be in the service. We are facing a ruthless enemy and we need to be even more ruthless and blood-thirsty if we are ever going to "win". These terrrrsts sew dogs' heads onto the corpses of their victims, don't you know. We're obviously going to have to ratchet it up a few notches beyond that.

So toughen up, you whinging bastards, or piss off.

(* we may need to subdue a few other countries too)