19 Apr. 2007

Howard and Costello: Shameless Global Warming Wankers

Oh. My God. etc.

Peter Costello is a frikkin' shameless asswipe:
"The point I'm making is we have to work to bring emitters like China, the US, India, those countries that really do matter in relation to global warming into the system, otherwise it's a futile activity."
Only one other major industrial country in the world has supported the USA in it's refusal to ratify the Kyoto Treaty, Pete. Can you guess which one it was? Let me refer you to an old wikipedia entry:
Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, has refused to ratify the Agreement and has argued that the protocol would cost Australians jobs, due to countries with booming economies and massive populations such as China and India not having any reduction obligations.
Oh yeah, Pete, I guess "countries with booming economies and massive populations" would include the USA as well, wouldn't it?!

In fact:
The United States was, as of 2005, the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. China is projected to take over at the top of the table by 2010.
But surely that has nothing to do with us, right Pete? Or maybe...?
As of 2005, Australia was the world's largest emitter per capita of greenhouse gases.
Oh my Gawd!!! How did we ever get into this predicament????!!!

God, seriously mate, what did I do to deserve to live to see these days? This morning I woke up to read that John W. Howard, after a decade of pretending that human-created contributions to global warming were an ABC media conspiracy and/or an illusion (and global warming itself was too) has now urged all Australians to "pray for rain" in order to save our nation's most important water system.

Smite them down, God. Please! Now!