23 Apr. 2007

Whoo Hoo! Dead Australian Soldiers!

Just in time for Anzac Day!
Two Australian soldiers were injured when a roadside bomb went off near their armoured vehicle in southern Iraq, defence said.

What, only injured? Never mind, that will do! They are still heroes, right?

Quick, prep the PM for the cameras! Make-up!!!

UPDATE: Sorry, John, they are not quite dead yet:
One man suffered wounds to his lower legs while the other suffered less serious injuries in the explosion, which heavily damaged their ASLAV. The vehicle was then destroyed by the ensuing fire.

Four other soldiers in the patrol were not injured, while the second ASLAV was too damaged to move.

The soldiers were treated at the site of the attack before being evacuated by helicopter to a US hospital at the Tallil airbase.

They could be transferred to Baghdad if further treatment is needed but it is not yet known whether they will be forced to return to Australia.

The soldiers were based in Darwin before being sent to Iraq. Family members have been informed of the attack.
This was supposedly "a routine patrol" and it would seem to be the worst attack to date on Australian soldiers in Iraq. Let's see how Howard spins that when asked if things are improving.