10 Apr. 2007

Alan Jones, Racist Fascist Hate-Monger

Further to my comments on blogs and talkback radio yesterday, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today says Alan Jones incited last year's racist violence at Cronulla beach:
ACMA's report focused on Jones' broadcasting of correspondence from listeners about tensions at Cronulla in the days before the December 11 riot.

It said while the comments were "presented for a purpose in the public interest, being discussion of factors contributing to unrest in Cronulla ... ACMA was not persuaded that the relevant comments were presented reasonably and in good faith"...

On December 7, Jones read on air a comment from a listener who recommended that bikie gangs confront "Lebanese thugs" at Cronulla train station.

"It would be worth the price of admission to watch these cowards scurry back onto the train for the return trip to their lairs," Jones read on air.

"And wouldn't it be brilliant if the whole event was captured on TV cameras and featured on the evening news so that we, their parents, family and friends can see who these bastards are."
The ACMA is yet to determine a penalty for Jones and his employer, Macquarie Radio Network. Jones is still facing a year in jail for naming on air a child witness in a murder trial. And, of course, the self-described "Mohammed Ali of 2UE" is still broadcasting his hate-filled middle-of-the-road Fascism for the amusement and profit of the deadshits and dickheads in the corporate world who provide the cash for his comments.

I'm still waiting for the program where Jones tearfully accuses former Governor-General Dr Peter Hollingworth of being the first to dick him as a child in some dirty Toowoomba public toilet. What on earth do they do to kids in that neck of the woods?

But of course it's the hate-filled bloggers you've gotta watch out for, isn't it?

Weez at M.G.K. has more, including this quote from Jones:
“I’m the person that’s led this charge here. Nobody wanted to know about North Cronulla, now it’s gathered to this.”
Anone wanna bet on Howard ensuring that his toothless government media watchdogs give Jones and 2GB a massive ripping bite in the arse for this? Anyone?

UPDATE: OK, nobody took the bet (wise HO readers), and now, just a few hours later, it's already too late:
"I am not going to get involved in comments on individual decisions, but let me say this; I think Alan Jones is an outstanding broadcaster," Mr Howard said.

"I don't think he's a person who encourages prejudice in the Australian community, not for one moment, but he is a person who articulates what a lot of people think," he said.
"What a lot of people think" is that immigrants are dangerous, every wee snippet of foreign language is totally suss, and John W. Howard is our last bastion against he invading hordes. "What a lot of people think" is ill-informed nonsense. But people like Alan Jones and John Winston Howard are out there reinforcing such xenophobic hysteria every day.

Jones' defense is that nobody who actually listened to his program has ever complained about his comments, so therefore this is obviously a personalised, political (ABC-driven, of course) leftwing agenda.

But Alan, you darling, gentle man... Why would any intelligent person ever listen to your inane, racist, pro-Howard, money-fuelled nonsense program? And why does John Howard rush to defend you? Was he also a Hollingworth victim? He was an altar boy till the age of 21, so I hear...