13 Jan. 2008

Welcome To Hollywood, Kevin

It is interesting that Kevin Rudd dined with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman at Kirribilli House on Saturday night. Kidman and Jackman are in tight with the Murdoch mob.

Nicole is a close personal friend of Rupert's young wife, Wendi Deng, and Lachlan Murdoch is known to have killed stories critical of Ms Kidman's abyssmal acting.

Jackman hopped in a car with Rupert when the whole gang attended Kidman's wedding. Jackman lives near Murdoch's Manhattan apartment and "his children often visit for playtime dates with Rupert and Wendi's two children, Grace and Chloe".

This is more than just a case of movie stars sucking up to the man who owns the studio.

One can only wonder if the dinner at Kirribili House was business or pleasure.