21 Jan. 2008

Wanker Of The Day

By the end of today, the Australian share market will have lost 20% of it's value since November 1st. 36 other countries are already in that "bear market" territory. And that is all thanks to the disgracefully irresponsible "trickle down" economic politics of a certain Mr George W. Bush.

You might think that the head of a rightwing thinktank in Australia, a man who has loudly cheered every foolish step of Bush's long march to ignominy, would have something interesting to say about this situation. But instead, Gerard Henderson is still busy spreading anti-Muslim memes:
Evidence has been heard that Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, considered her a whore for associating with Muslim men and that Diana believed she would be killed in an accident...

Meanwhile, the man who many regard as Diana's real love, the cardiologist Hasnat Khan, apparently told his father that such a relationship would never have lasted since: "She is from Venus and I am from Mars." Meaning, presumably, that Diana was part of the British establishment and he was from Pakistan. Or something like that.
Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

Henderson ridicules the latest inquest into Diana's death as a media soap opera, "Fool Britannia", whose conclusions cannot be trusted. In fact, he has already reached his own conclusions about "Henri Paul, who was certainly reckless behind the wheel and who had been drinking". In fact, latest reports suggest Paul's blood alcohol reading may not be reliable, while suggestions that a mysterious car might have clipped Diana's vehicle in the tunnel would absolve Paul of driving error too.

Sure, Diana should have been wearing a seatbelt, but one assumes she felt safer in Al Fayed's car than an official British government vehicle. And the only reason we are still having an inquest after these years is that the official British government version of events was always full of holes, just like the US government's enquiry into 9/11.

So what's Hendo's real agenda here? His whole article reads like a rambling load of bollocks, skirting around the issues of monarchy and republicanism without reaching any meaningful conclusions. Again I ask you: why does Fairfax publish such crap?