3 Jan. 2008

Howard Wins US Neocon's Top Award

How bizarrely fitting:
A conservative US think-tank has honoured former Australian prime minister John Howard.

The American Enterprise Institute has given Mr Howard its highest honour - the Irving Kristol Award...

Mr Howard will personally receive the award and deliver the main address to the AEI's annual dinner in March.
Who could possibly be more deserving of such a piece of crap?

The AID release says Howard was "his nation's second-longest-serving prime minister at the time of his retirement by the voters in last November's national elections." Heh.

One day we might learn a lot more about how US Neo-conservatives influenced the Howard government on economic matters and foreign policy. Is it really just a coincidence that Howard was in the USA, dining with Rupert Murdoch, on the eve of 9/11? Did he remain in lock-step with the neocons for six years purely out of personal conviction, or was he being closely advised of their plans and shifting agendas?