28 Jan. 2008

Howard Wrote His Own Citizenship Test

It looks like former PM John Howard was using the royal "we" when he said that "we will decide who comes to our country, and the circumstances in which they come." The ridiculous Donald Bradman question is just one of many in the new citizenship test that was apparently personally written by Howard:
The Bradman question asks prospective citizens to name Australia's greatest cricketer of the 1930s and the answers give them a choice between Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Hubert Opperman and Walter Lindrum...

"Then there's a whole set that John Howard wrote," the source said.

"They are focused on things that aren't necessarily critical to become a citizen."
It beggars belief to think that any PM would dedicate his energies to such outright twaddle. What an arrogant, out-of-touch racist bastard.

UPDATE: Kevin Rudd says the Bradman question will remain. Sigh! We still have a populist PM, it seems.

UPDATE 2: Immigration Minister Chris Evans says a review will be undertaken after the cricket season ends.