29 Jan. 2008

Money Talks, But Who's Listening?

Australian cricket has just confirmed that the international game is a total farce:
At Cricket Australia's urging, the charge was downgraded from the level-three offence covering racial abuse to a level-two offence covering obscene language. The move was initially met with fierce resistance by the five Australian players involved in the hearing, all of whom were intent on seeking the maximum punishment for Harbhajan. But all begrudgingly agreed to the downgrade after taking legal advice from Cricket Australia's lawyer, Dean Kino.

The decision was made by mutual consent between Cricket Australia and the Indian board.

It appears to have saved the tour, scheduled to continue with the Twenty20 International at the MCG on Friday night, and the triangular one-day series involving Australia, India and Sri Lanka...
It's time for Australian cricket fans to vote with their pockets. Boycott the games, switch off the tele, and let them know who's boss.

And hey! If you are looking for sports entertainment, why not switch to soccer?