3 Dec. 2006

Rudd: A Breath OF Fresh Air

Laurie Oakes says it's 49 for Rudd and 39 for the Bomber.

Now confirmed. Let the battle begin in earnest.

Personally, I think this ALP Leadership spill would not have happened were it not for Rupert Murdoch giving Beazley the cold shoulder for the past month. The Bomber was kissing ass at every opportunity when Murdoch came home for the Newscorp AGM and sundry meetings, but it was all to no avail.

Let's see if Rudd gets a fair run. He doesn't look like a bloke with too many skeletons in the closet. I guess that means the media will have to portray him as boring. But the public seem to like him, particularly those who watch breakfast TV (where he is always a regular commentator on breaking stories, while Dim Beastly is still in bed).

Lawd knows, maybe we will even have an election based on real issues!?! That would be novel.