25 Dec. 2006

The Howards: My God, They're BREEDING!

PM pays his son to dish up spam:
Last night the NSW director of the party, Scott Morrison, confirmed it had entered into a "a contractual arrangement with Net Harbour", involving a curious round-robin of payments.

"Because it's a contractual arrangement involving the PM's son," Mr Morrison said, "... and involves the Bennelong campaign, Mr Howard took the decision to personally fund the service, to provide the funds to enable us to do that, out of his own pocket.

"He made the funds available to the division once we entered into the agreement, to make sure the division wasn't out of pocket."

Mr Morrison refused to say how much Mr Howard was paying the party to pay his son's company.
Howard Snr has already over-Americanized Australia, now his sons (the other is still in the States helping Bush's GOP, I believe) want to Americanize our political system?

Remember all the fuss when Keating said Australia is part of Asia? Seems the Liberals think we are part of America instead.

Just say no, folks.