7 Dec. 2006

Please, George, Let ME Fly It!

Britain baulks at US fighter plane deal. They actually want to be able to fly and control the airplane they are helping to build.
British legislators say it is still uncertain whether Washington will agree to transfer the technology Britain says is needed to allow it to operate the aircraft independently.
I guess this is what it looks like when Her Maj's Govt stands up to Uncle Sam. Australia is also involved in the JSF program. Will we get to fly our own plane too? Doubt it.

UPDATE: We commit the cash and the USA promises we can fly it too:
Australia and Britain had baulked in the past about committing to the project because the US had refused to share the jet's secret technology, but both countries have received assurances they would receive the necessary information.
Australia has pledged a massive $12 billion (that's $12,000,000,000.oo) to the project.

Twelve. Billion.

Taxpayer funded, of course.