21 Dec. 2006

Over at RTS we've been talking about macho military types:
Iraqi soldiers bit the heads off frogs and ate the heart of a rabbit in a ceremony on Wednesday to transfer southern Najaf province, home to one of Shi'ite Islam's holiest shrines, from U.S. to Iraqi control...

Politicians, tribal and religious leaders, police and soldiers watched displays of Iraqi military prowess that were notable for one demonstration where five soldiers stopped in front of the main grandstand to bite off the heads of frogs.

A sixth holding a live rabbit slit open its stomach and then ate its heart before passing the carcass to his comrades to chew on in what was dubbed a display of military courage.

Under Saddam Hussein's rule, his feared Fedayeen militia carried out similar demonstrations, and in one instance were videoed hunting a fox and then tearing it apart with their teeth.

The handover was largely symbolic since U.S. forces have rarely ventured into the holy city...