18 Dec. 2006


Where to start? Maybe you heard that there was going to be an O.J. Simpson book called "IF I Did It" and a TV show based on the pseudo-confessional book to boot? But did you know that the publisher who organized that deal was part of Rupert Murdoch's empire, and that the big Rupert personally stepped in to close down the project (only after massive public outrage, of course)?

And not just that (this was really BIGTIME outrage) but Rupert also stepped in personally to fire the lady who lined up the deal.

Well, now the lady in question, Judith Regan, has vowed "war" against Murdoch.

And Murdoch's response? Ooooooooohhhh, dirty, dirty, dirty!!!
“‘Of all people, the Jews should know about ganging up, finding common enemies and telling the big lie,’” Ms. Regan said, according to a transcript of Mr. Jackson’s notes provided by Gary Ginsberg, an executive vice president of the News Corporation.

According to the transcript, Ms. Regan went on to say that the literary agent Esther Newberg; HarperCollins’s executive editor, David Hirshey; HarperCollins’s president, Jane Friedman, and Mr. Jackson “constitute a Jewish cabal against her.”

A lawyer for Ms. Regan, Bert Fields, denied that Ms. Regan had said there was a “Jewish cabal against her,” saying she used only the word “cabal” in the conversation, and it came in response to a question from Mr. Jackson. But he acknowledged that she had made some version of the first statement, drawing attention to the fact that her boss and others involved in the controversy over the aborted O.J. Simpson project were Jewish.

He denied, though, that this reflected any anti-Semitism.