30 Jan. 2007

NOW They Tell Us

The CSIRO says soaring temperatures are 'unstoppable':
The CSIRO expects Sydney's maximum temperatures to rise 1.6 degrees by 2030 and 4.8 degrees by 2070.

Average rainfall will decrease by 40 per cent and water evaporation rates will jump 24 per cent by 2040 under the scorching conditions.

By 2050, annual heat-related deaths of people over 65 will increase almost eight times from 176 to 1312...

"What's important for people to understand is that this is not simply a lot of hand waving. There's quite a bit of scientific research and effort both within Australia and internationally that goes into producing these estimates," Dr Preston told ABC Radio.

"And the problem there is that future climate change is already built into the system.

"So the warming we've been experiencing in recent years is really a function of greenhouse gases we emitted a few decades ago...

"Reducing emissions over the next couple of years isn't going to prevent any sort of climate catastrophe from occurring over the near term."
Now, ask yourself who is responsible for that? Who has been actively colluding to deny and suppress reports of climate change for a decade? Who has been sucking up to big US corporations that have spent millions on disinformation campaigns?

Kevin Rudd, please take note. This coming election is un-lose-able. Be bold.