22 Jan. 2007

Bye, Bye, Amanda

Vanstone to take time to consider future:

UPDATE: Dismissing rumours that she could become ambassador to Paris or London (was that tongue-in-cheek journo humour?), Mandy says she might become the Big Momma of talkback radio:
"I think you guys (talk radio hosts) play a much more active role in the political debate than many people recognise," Senator Vanstone told ABC Radio.

"I have thought for a long time that ... (talk radio hosts) are real players because who you let on your program, whether you let them speak, how you respond to that - all of that has an impact on what the public thinks.

"So you guys are, in fact, in politics. You just don't have to have any responsibility.

"So I don't rule out being interested in that at all.

"It might be great to influence the political landscape and have no responsibility. In fact, I think I am warming to it."
Ah, savour the bitter sarcasm, folks. Coded message: it's all the media's fault.