29 Jan. 2007

The first thing you should know about Gerard Henderson, executive director of the Sydney Institute, is that he is an unapologetically rabid apologist for the Howard government. But even by his own low standards, his article in the SMH today, Hicks makes a case against himself, is appalling.

Why oh why does the media give such people column space? Do the people who finance Henderson’s position at the Sydney Institute also pay Fairfax to run such nonsense? This is not journalism, it’s not even an opinion piece: it is just gutter politics of the worst kind.

Henderson’s basic argument is that Hick’s would not be getting so much public sympathy if the Australian people only knew what a bad, bad man he is. He shows no concern for Hicks, or for the rule of law and the extraordinary precedents set by the Hicks case. All that matters to Henderson is the political spin game.

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