30 Jan. 2007

"Get Me Out Of Here"

David Hicks writes a letter explaining why he did not want to see an unnamed Australian official who arrived at Guantanamo unannounced this morning:
"I don't want to see you," Hicks wrote in the letter to the visiting Australian official.

"I am afraid to speak to you."

Hicks, who also wrote he is "not well", then detailed in the letter how he had been punished previously for speaking to Australian embassy officials.

The Adelaide man also alleges an American recently impersonated an Australian official.

"Only last week an American impersonated an Australian embassy official by claiming he was 'from the Australian embassy in Washington'," Hicks wrote.

"This deteriorates my trust even further.

"In the past I have been punished for speaking to you.

"I am not well, I am not OK and yet you have not done anything for me and the Australian Government keeps saying I'm fine and in an acceptable situation.

"To speak with you and tell you the truth and reality of my situation 'once again' would only risk further punishments.

"You are not here for me but on behalf of the Australian Government who are leaving me here.

"If you want to do something for me then get me out of here."
Lord Downer's response:
If there's fresh information that somebody can bring forward, rather than a sort of Labor Party rant about being mean to al-Qaeda ... then we're obviously happy to investigate it.