5 Dec. 2007

Warmongers R US

I see my local Liberal MP, Steven Ciobo, is now on the opposition front bench. For any researchers out there, here's some interesting background.

Ciobo's mate George Brandis, who came to the support of Ciobo's protegé Brett Mason during the "lying rodent" scandal, is also on the bench as shadow AG. I guess that means the Libs now agree that Howard really WAS a lying rodent.

Mason employed Chrenkoff to push pro-war propaganda. Ciobo lists him as a friend. That's the facebook connection in the image above. And here's Chrenkoff's connection to the Fadhil brothers, famed pro-US neocon bloggers from Iraq. Interesting that Omar is now apparently living in New York and graduating from Colombia, innit???

Meanwhile, here's some Murdoch media explanation of how Ciobo held his "safe" Golc Coast seat:
Although Miszkowski managed a swing of 5.3 per cent it was not enough to wrench the seat from Ciobo.

Miszkowski, a former president of the Gold Coast Jewish Community Council who ran a quirky campaign epitomised by a jingle, was unavailable for comment when contacted.

Miszkowski was hoping to be Queensland's first Jewish MP, but finished with 35.7 per cent of a two-party preferred vote.

Running in the blue-ribbon seat against Ciobo, Miszkowski attempted to win local Jewish support, but his rival’s record as chairman of the Parliamentary Friends of Israel proved too great a challenge.
Finally, speaking of the Murdoch media, here's Chrenkoff's link to Janet Albrechtsen...

Now I ask you, why is there a social network among all these people? Is it just a social network, or something more than that? Why are our national politicians socialising with overt war propagandists (and failed ones at that)?